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Don’t Have a Google Business Account?

You can create your google business account by clicking the link below, this feature allows the location of your business to be displayed on google maps, so that people can easily find your business address, The density of comments and points makes you higher than your competitors, for example, if you are a business owner, you have many competitors. Thanks to these comments, you can become more popular on maps, gain more views and customers.

Google Review Service:

Google comments are the comments written to your google business account on maps, these comments allow you to be listed as equivalent to your competitors according to their 1-5 star rating, each 5-star rating you receive on your google account carries you to the top, for example, if you are a restaurant operator, 5 star comments make you more than your competitors. You can leave first, this provides you financial contribution, customer portfolio, google is seriously important in this regard.

Google comments

The most practical way to find the comments you wrote in your Google account is to find the business you wrote last review on Google, click on your own profile in the comments and see the comments you wrote on the benefits screen.

Delete my comment on Google

You can delete the comments you have written on Google from the benefits tab, the most practical way to do this is to search Google for the last business you left a comment on, click on your profile from your comment there and view and delete all your comments from the benefits tab.

Google comment delete

It is not possible to delete the comments posted to your Google business account, every comment written by your customers is hosted by google, my google business gives you the right to operate Google, assuming you accept them, and displays you on their maps.

5 Star Rating Sales on Google Comment Maps;


* You can suppress negative comments this way.

* It allows you to stand out more on the maps.

* Map increases your affiliate site to appear in the foreground.

* You will rank higher than your competitors due to scoring.

* You will more easily attract people who see good comments and 5 stars.

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